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What headsets will Tundra Tracker be compatible with?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Tundra Trackers are leveraging SteamVR Tracking Technology. To this end, use of SteamVR is required. The best user experience is with headsets using SteamVR Tracking:

  • HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye and Cosmos Elite

  • Valve Index

  • All Varjo Headsets

  • Other pro HMDs such as XTAL, JVC, StarVR

Note: There are some other really great and popular headsets out there. Read more here about how the could be utilized.

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If you have another HMD working with SteamVR tracking these trackers will work as well. It's just a matter of the game supporting extra trackers (just like regular SteamVR HMDs).

You can read more about it on this post:


Jan 25, 2021

If I'm using an Oculus Rift S with SteamVR with Basestations, would they still work? or does it have to be whatever is listed above?

Feb 23, 2021
Replying to

These will probably work. However, you will need to install an additional tool to calibrate the placespaces. I am sure that the developers of OpenVR SpaceCalibrator add support for tundra trackers.


@blaquemumbuh it uses a completely different technique so a completely different product. I'm also not sure if Quest can support more than two "controllers"


Is there any thought on making compatibility for quest headsets? Including the first one?


Is there already a set price in mind or is this still a topic of discussion? I believe that'll be the biggest point for the people that will want to switch over.

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